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Artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the manufacturing sector are increasingly replacing human tasks improving the automation of production. These systems need to be safe, trusted and secure, even when operating in dynamic, unstructured and unpredictable environments to be able to react to different situations and security threats. Ensuring the safety and reliability of these systems is a key prerequisite for deploying them at scale and for fully leveraging the benefits of AI in manufacturing.

STAR, a joint effort of AI and digital manufacturing experts, aims to deploy standard-based secure, safe, reliable and trusted human centric AI systems.



STAR will research, develop, validate and make available to the community leading edge AI technologies with wide applicability in manufacturing environments, including:



These technologies will be validated in challenging scenarios in manufacturing lines in the areas of quality management, human robot collaboration and AI-based agile manufacturing.

The results will be fully integrated into existing EU-wide initiatives (such as EFFRA, AI4EU), as a means of enabling researchers and the European industry to deploy and leverage advanced AI solutions in production lines.

STAR will act as a catalyst for ethical AI deployments in production lines, given that the project’s results are fully aligned to the recently published ethical guidelines of EU’s HLEG on AI. Specifically, STAR will produce technical solutions that boost the safety, robustness and trustworthiness of systems AI in dynamic, real-life settings, while at the same exploring the legal implications of a safe and secure AI in prominent manufacturing scenarios.