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UNPARALLEL (Unparallel Innovation, Lda) is a Portuguese SME that develops digital technologies and provides consulting services on digitisation with a strong foundation on research and innovation. UNPARALLEL develops products ranging from hardware devices, software solutions to web systems, and provides high-value consulting services on technology development, strategic insights, market intelligence, etc. Research is at the core of the company as it guarantees a continuous innovation for our products and services based on up-to-date scientific-technical knowledge. Main target markets/sectors include: Internet of Things, Industrial IoT, Agri-food instrumentation, Smart Cities solutions, Water-smart Systems, Smart Factories/Manufacturing and Consumer Products.

Role in the project
UNPARALLEL take charge of work-package WP7 ‘Digital Innovation Hub for Secure and Safe AI in Manufacturing’ leading the specification, detailed design, and implementation of the DIH Platform (task T7.1) and leading the Integration of Validated Safe and Secure AI Solutions (task T7.2). Additionally, UNPARALLEL lead task T2.2 to create a Library of Reference AI Scenarios and Use Cases.