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Thales employs 83,000 employees in 68 countries with €17 billion in revenues of which around 20% invested in R&D. Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group, addressing defense, transport & security markets. Thales provides high-grade security solutions for both the public and private sector. As a European global leader in data protection, Thales contributes to ensuring a secure digital transformation for its customers. Thales supports its customers (government and public services, banking & insurance, industry, public transportation …) to address their specific concerns and develop solutions that meet the needs of their stakeholders.

The Thales’ entity involved in the project is ThereSIS, one of Thales research and innovation laboratory. It aims at identifying disruptive technological challenges, and at derisking relevant technologies for Thales inner Product Lines, through advanced prototyping and demonstrations.

Role in the project

The Thales research team is involved in the technical project work-packages. For WP5 we address Artificial Intelligence for perception systems, with the development of Video analytics - detection & tracking, human pose estimation, scene understanding, and embedded processing of deep neural networks. Our research also focuses on innovative strategy to minimize algorithms’ power consumption, including embedded processing and cloud-edge orchestration, to effectively deploy services.

In particular, we will develop Artificial Intelligence modules

- to sense the environment in order to detect and localize the operators in the scene in order to obtain real time feedbacks of the physical word
- to allows a complete overview of the situation hightlighting human actions and pose estimation to detect safety areas for human-robot collaboration
- to obtain a precise map of the physical word that includes all detected features that will be injected in the simulation engine to allow a safe robot navigation of the infrastructure
- Produce a Robot Fleet Management System for Automatic Mobile Robots taking into account Humans (collision avoidance at a planning/strategic level)

Collaborating with the AI4EU Thales coordination team we will define the integration procedure to enrich the platform with new AI algorithms developed in the framework of the STAR project.