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SUPSI offers more than 30 bachelor's and master’s degree courses, characterized by cutting edge education which merges classical theoretical-scientific instruction with practical orientation. Great focus is given to research, carried out in key domains for EU competitiveness, and funded on acquired projects within European or National frameworks.

Within SUPSI, the Institute of System and Technologies for Sustainable Production (ISTePS) will participate to the project. The mission of the Institute is the innovation of products, manufacturing processes and business models in order to accompany companies in facing the challenges of digitalisation under the economic, environmental and social aspects. The fulfilment of the mission is achieved through the development of human capital and the innovation of production systems and technologies by means of education activities at bachelor, master and employment levels, as well as through research, development and technology transfer activities with reference to the life cycle of products and industrial processes, in the fields of design, automation and management of production systems and the relative value chains. Key research areas are: Sustainability and Personalization; Human in the Loop; Simulation Technologies; Automation and Control.

Role in the project
SUPSI is the WP5 Leader. The main objective of this WP is to realize Human Centred Simulation and Digital Twins for Safe & Secure AI. Together with the coordination of the WP5’s activities, SUPSI is responsible of the following activities:
1) To develop human centric digital models and a reference framework for human-automation interaction.
2) To realise digital representations of humans including most relevant characteristics and parameters and monitoring their wellbeing and status.
3) To develop a worker-centric classification of job demand and workers supply of skills.
4) To instantiate the Worker Monitoring System, a tool aiming at monitoring workers in the production system.