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STAR Booklet available online!

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the manufacturing sector are increasingly replacing human tasks improving the automation of production. These systems need to be safe, trusted and secure, even when operating in dynamic, unstructured and unpredictable environments to be able to react to different situations and security threats. Ensuring safety and reliability of these systems is a key prerequisite for deploying them at scale and for fully leveraging the benefits of AI in manufacturing.

The Horizon 2020 STAR project has just made available the Booklet integrating a series of articles and blog posts prepared by the project partners. This article collection sheds light in many different aspects of trusted artificial intelligence for industrial use cases featuring also work and achievements of the STAR project towards safe, secure and ethical AI systems.

The articles in the Booklet are divided into the six sections, namely:

•         Part I: H2020 STAR Project Overview

•         Part II: Human-AI Systems Collaboration and Human-Centred Manufacturing

•         Part III: Industrial Systems Safety

•         Part IV: Explainable and Trustworthy AI

•         Part V: AI Cybersecurity

•         Part VI: AI Ethics and Regulations


The STAR Booklet has just become available digitally! You can download it here 

For more information about the STAR project, visit STAR website: