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MARKET by STAR is now available!

MARKET by STAR is now available!

Discover trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Manufacturing Lines at MARKET by STAR (

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1) Visit the Success Stories of three Pilots sites focused on different areas of production and research:

  • PHILIPS (Netherlands): Human-cobot collaboration for robust quality inspections;
  • DFKI (Germany): Human behaviour prediction and safe zone detection;
  • IBER OLEFF (Portugal): Human-centred AI for agile manufacturing 4.0.

The Success Stories are Experiences in real-world scenarios. Each one was characterised according to Value Propositions and ICT Problems. In addition, more information is provided, such as where and how it happened. The Value Propositions and ICT Problems were mapped with the Technologies (Assets) developed in the Project, allowing to perceive which Assets were used in the solutions and which ICT Problems they helped to solve.

2) Discover the Assets that support the implementation of trusted AI solutions in production lines. The Assets address different dimensions and elements of trust, security and safety in the operation of Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS).

3) Explore the Training Resources, courses, and workshops in the AI domain, as well as External AI Resources and external platforms with AI resources.

During the Project, new content will be added and other evolved.


By: Susana Lucena and Tiago Teixeira (UNPARALLEL INNOVATION LDA)