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The Manufacturing Partnership Day

STAR participated in The Manufacturing Partnership Day, which took place on the 26th of September 2023 in Brussels. The event co-organised by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), and Factories of the Future and Made in Europe projects brought together the Factories of the Future and Made in Europe community and showcased ongoing projects' work.  

It was a rich day full of stimulating presentations and exchanges, where participants had the possibility to learn more about Made in Europe and Factories of the Future projects and network with like-minded manufacturing innovation and research professionals.   

STAR showcased the state of play of the project with a presentation made by the project Technical manager Dr.John Soldatos (Netcompany-Intrasoft) and displayed its new 8-page brochure featuring the project's results and the STAR book at a stand in the event's exhibition. Visitors to the stand had the possibility to discuss with the STAR experts the latest project developments and the general state-of-the-art in the field of AI in manufacturing.

The STAR video shown at the event is available on our YouTube channel:

More information about the event is available at