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Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection
By Danilo Dessi (University of Cagliari), Antonello Meloni (University of Cagliari), Diego Reforgiato Recupero (University of Cagliari / R2M Solution), Rubén Alonso (R2M Solution)
The “little” challenges within the CHALLENGE
by Mihail Fontul & Gil Oliveira, IBER-Oleff
Towards a solution to realise reusable, scalable and extensible digital twins capable of representing humans in a manufacturing context
By: Niko Bonomi, Andrea Bettoni, Vincenzo Cutrona, Giuseppe Landolfi, Elias Montini, Paolo Pedrazzoli. SUPSI, SPS lab
Securing Digital Manufacturing Platforms with STAR AI Technology
By Cosmin-Septimiu Nechifor, SIEMENS