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Extending Factory Digital Twins through Human Characterisation in Asset Administration Shell
By: Vincenzo Cutrona, Elias Montini, Paolo Pedrazzoli, Niko Bonomi / SUPSI-SPS Lab, Giacomo Delinavelli / Arthur's Legal Strategies & Systems, Tamás Ruppert / University of Pannonia
The STAR Auditing Framework for Trustworthy AI
By: John Soldatos / Netcompany-Intrasoft
Human-Centered AI: Advancing Interaction
By: Michele Canteri, Matteo Cardaioli / GFT Italia
Occupational Information Databases: data sources for the capacity building
By: Diego Reforgiato Recupero / University of Cagliari & R2M Solution, Antonello Meloni / University of Cagliari, Danilo Dessì / GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Science and Rubén Alonso / R2M Solution
AI that Truly Makes It Work - The All-Functionals Symbiosis as Main Success Factor
By: Arthur’s Legal, Strategies & Systems
AI Norms and Standardisation – the road ahead
By Septimiu Nechifor, SIEMENS SRL