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APMS 2021 - Special Track on Human-centered Artificial Intelligence in Smart Manufacturing for the Operator 4.0

STAR is co-organizing a special track on “Human-centered Artificial Intelligence in Smart Manufacturing for the Operator 4.0” in the context of the IFIP conference on Advances in Production Management Systems, APMS 2021.

The scope of this session is on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI) systems. Such systems view AI as a critical component for augmenting human work and extending human capabilities, thus they can be considered the AI-enablers for the Operator 4.0 concept. The aim is that AI systems and humans solve problems together to achieve goals that were unreachable by either humans or machines alone. In this context, the special track welcomes research contributions on, but not limited to, topics like: design issues for multimodal human-AI interactions in the industrial environment, digital intelligent assistants, software robots (softbots) and chatbots for production management, Artificial Intelligence for the Operator 4.0, explainable and transparent AI in manufacturing, methods and tools to manage and monitor HCAI systems, applications of HCAI systems in manufacturing, and business models and processes based on HCAI systems.

APMS 2021 brings together leading international experts on production systems and logistics from academia, industry, and government to discuss pressing issues in smart manufacturing, operations management, supply chain management, and Industry 4.0 in the Artificial Intelligence era. The conference features several sessions to discuss original, high-impact academic contributions, which will be published in the Springer Series ACIT and indexed on SCOPUS and Web of Science.

The event will be held Online (virtually) on 5-9 September 2021, and is hosted by IMT Atlantique, Nantes, France.

For more information, visit the event’s page: