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Qlector (Slovenia)

Qlector (Slovenia)

Qlector is a start-up company developing artificial intelligence-based solutions for manufacturing, logistics and other industries. Qlector’s core product is an AI platform (QlectorLEAP) consisting of anomaly-detection-as-a-service, forecasting and planning support modules. The platform is to support projects, most notably a large-scale anomaly detection system used internally by Bloomberg LP. Qlector is developing several pilot installations inside discrete manufacturing companies, applying its AI platform to the tasks of improving overall equipment efficiency, supporting and improving production planning and risk management of supply chains. Qlector core team consists of machine learning experts with long experience in bringing cutting-edge technology into practice. We have strong tights to the research community, in particular Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Jozef Stefan Institute. Several team members pursue active research and help in mentoring of PhD students working on novel methods from different areas of artificial intelligence. Qlector team members published original research from the areas of machine learning, data mining, text mining, information retrieval, network analysis and semantic web.

Role in the project
Qlector will contribute to all tasks within WP4 - Safe, Transparent and Reliable Human-Robot Collaboration. With its experience in the field of Industry 4.0 it will be providing knowledge and experience, greatly implemented in QlectorLEAP platform for analytics, planning and optimisation in manufacturing.

Qlector will provide user models and human-centered digital twins based on the competences and learning potential. Based on interaction with end-users Qlector will develop visualisations of AI results in order to enhance trust of the humans of AI-based results. Qlector will integrate the developed solutions within the project and test the functionality with potential final stakeholders.