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ARTHUR'S LEGAL BV (Netherlands)

ARTHUR'S LEGAL BV (Netherlands)

Arthur’s Legal B.V. (ALEGAL), founded in 2001, is a leading global tech law firm by design with headquarters in Amsterdam, and with partnerships in every member state of the European Union, as well as most countries in the world. ALEGAL is an SME with a team consisting of 8 key personnel who are legal experts, strategists, technologists, standardization specialists and frequent speakers worldwide. For almost 20 years, the firm has represented several hundreds of organisations in all phases of their legal life cycle and on domains such as data protection, privacy, security, robotics, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, safety, data management and ethics. On the same aspects, ALEGAL has provided its expertise to the European Commission on several occasions for more than 8 years and is extensively involved in EU funded projects through studies and research projects that pertain to issues of horizontal relevance such as (cyber) security, (personal) data protection, liability and accountability, as well as of vertical relevance, for example, by looking into specific application domains of IoT, such as healthcare and smart cities. ALEGAL is also a founding member of the Association for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), a multi-stakeholder association initiated by DG CNECT that aims at creating a dynamic European ecosystem of connected devices and enhancing dialogue between the relevant players in Europe.

Role in the project
ALEGAL provides guidance to the technical partners of STAR project in relation to the necessary regulatory considerations involved relevant for the deployment of AI. In particular, ALEGAL leads task T1.5 ‘Ethical Management and Legal Analysis’ especially undertaking the legal analysis of the project’s developments with a view to ensuring the compliance of the project’s results to applicable laws and regulations. ALEGAL contributes significantly in task T2.3 ‘Analysis of Applicable Standards and Regulations’ looking particularly at applicable laws and regulations, including GDPR, ePrivacy and the Network Information Systems (NIS) Directive. Moreover, ALEGAL participates in task T6.4 ‘Security Policies Monitoring and Enforcement’ providing for the legal analysis and regulatory auditing of the platform and its mechanisms. Finally, ALEGAL is involved in task T8.3 ‘Training and Innovation Management Services’ providing for training services on legal and regulatory compliance in the environment of the Internet of Things.