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1st STAR/Philips Pilot Co-creation workshop

The 1st Co-creation Workshop of the Philips Pilot took place on 29th April 2021. The workshop was a first in a series (three phases, 9 workshops) co-creation/focus group workshops STAR aims to deploy in the course of the project. The workshops’ aimed to co-design the technological concepts at the three pilot sites, and to provide different stakeholders with the possibilities to provide user’s feedback through different stages of the project (you can find more information in this article: here).

During the 1st Philips workshop, the focus was on discussing and co-creating the contents of the three different use-cases we have within STAR and how these use-cases can be shaped into a demonstrator at Philips which can leverage the technology developments during the STAR project.

PCL1work in progress


It proved to be a very productive and rich in contributions workshop! Participants proposed, represented, interrogated and reflected on the different scenarios, while proposing ideas and visions which are based on the actual use context, and propose importance/priorities for different criteria.

The three use-cases on which the participants were working on are:

  1. Easy reconfiguration for automated part handling
  2. Human supervised learning for visual quality inspection
  3. Safe collaboration between human and cobot

Due to the nature of the workshop, the participation was restricted to different stakeholders from Philips site as well as relevant STAR partners.