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1st STAR/IBER-OLEFF Pilot Co-creation Workshop

The 1st Co-creation Workshop for the design of human-centric AI for the STAR IBER-OLEFF Pilot took place on 5th July 2021. The workshop was a third in a series (three phases, 9 workshops) of co-creation workshops that the consortium aims to organise in the course of the project.

The aim of the first phase workshops is to co-design the solution concepts and technological components that are deemed necessary for meeting user requirements at the pilot sites. The co-creation and focus group workshops will allow different stakeholders to provide user’s feedback throughout the different stages of the project (please check for more information here).

During this workshop, the participants contributed to shaping the STAR demonstrator on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence for Agile Manufacturing 4.0 in IBER-OLEFF premises.  They contributed to co-design of the the contents (user stories, components, functions) of the 3 use cases and to shaping the human-AI collaboration scenarios, effects on work design, operational effect and success criteria. The 3 use cases on which the participants worked on are:

  • Production Processes Simulations for Accelerated Decisions and Safe Processes
  • Production Planning Optimization
  • Employ Training for Reduction of Human Errors


Within these first phase workshops, the project partners brought in the needed different stakeholder viewpoints for the design perspective of the STAR approach for trusted and human-centric AI. The next phase workshops, reaching out to wider stakeholders, are planned to be deployed in 2022.

We thank all the participants for their valuable contributions and look forward to the next round of our co-creation work!