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1st STAR/DFKI Pilot Co-creation Workshop

The 1st Co-creation Workshop of the DFKI Pilot took place on 11th May 2021. The workshop was a second in a series (three phases, 9 workshops) of co-creation/focus group workshops that STAR aims to deploy in the course of the project. The aim of the first phase workshops is to co-design the solution concepts and technological components that are deemed necessary for meeting user requirements at the pilot sites. The co-creation and focus group workshops will allow different stakeholders to provide user’s feedback throughout the different stages of the project (you can find more information in this article: here).

During this workshop, the participants contributed to shaping the STAR demonstrator in DFKI premises co-designing the contents (user stories, components, functions) of the two use cases and shaping the collaboration scenarios and expected outcomes. The two use cases on which the participants worked on are:

  • Human intention recognition
  • Robot reconfiguration based on the dynamic layout


Within the first phase workshops, the project partners bring in the needed different stakeholder viewpoints for the design perspective, while future workshops will expand participation to reach out to wider stakeholders.

We thank all the participants for sharing their ideas and views and look forward to the second phase of our co-creation work!